Bangladesh Institute of Medical Ultrasound Research & Training (BIMURT)
Bangladesh Institute of Medical Ultrasound Research & Training (BIMURT)
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Bangladesh Institute of Medical Ultrasound Research & Training (BIMURT) is a medical education and research center of Bangladesh specialized in providing education and training on diagnostic/medical ultrasound.

BIMURT Goal becomes one of the leading ultrasound teaching/learning institute of Bangladesh.

The theoretical and practical classes are conducted by experienced and reputed teachers who are engaged in medical ultrasound teaching for a long time in Bangladesh.

Time: 9 am to 7 pm
Day: 7 days a week

• One full time salaried professional ultrasound specialist
• Teachers of the institute attend the centers as per schedule

• For the academic interest patients are collected via different social welfare organizations and poor patients referred from specialist chambers and private hospitals throughout Sylhet via a well maintained network of commitment. These patients are charged no service fee.

• In addition institute performs as a diagnostic center where service is given in exchange of nominal fees.

Teaching & learning facilities
• Air conditioned class room where 12 – 15 students can sit at a time.

• One big practical room where patients undergoes for all types of ultrasound i.e. normal, color Doppler, TVS, vascular.

• Two ultrasound machine – one is Mindray Model DP – 30 probe, two probe, one is for general ultrasound & other for echocardiogram. The second machine Model no DC-N3 with 4 probes. Through this machine Echocardiogram, TVS, vascular, superficial structure ultrasound can be done.

• Continuous flow of ultrasound patients from surrounding areas of Slum & camp which facilitate training and learning of ultrasound.

Future plan
• Machines with more advanced technology (3D- 4D etc.) will be purchased upon availability and feasibility.

• Elastosonography, Interventional facilities and echocardiogram will be incorporated for training purpose as well social services.

1st Foundation Anniversary & Certificate Giving Ceremony

Date: 20-05-2018(Sunday)
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: Hotel Golden City,
East Zindabazar, Shylhet
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